No deposit required at this time. Use ourĀ contact form or text me (Miranda) at 305-731-3135 to begin the booking process.

*Tours are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from AquaVentures!*

Payment due at the conclusion of your tour.

Inclement Weather Policy-

All Florida Keys Tours are weather dependent. AquaVentures reserves the right to cancel tours due to what we deem as inclement or unsafe conditions. There is no cancellation fee for weather related cancellations. Reasons for weather cancellations include but are not limited to- Wind speeds not appropriate for experience level of group, thunderstorms, extreme low or high tides, strong currents, extreme heat or cold, etc.. Our top priority is your enjoyment, comfort and safety.

Kayak Weight Capacity

Our double kayaks have a weight capacity of 550 pounds. Single kayaks have a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Reasons to go in a double kayak-

In my experience guiding kayak tours, I have found that double kayaks offer the best tour experience! With less boats on the water we are less likely to scare wildlife. I am also able to get everyone in the group spotting all the hidden wildlife much more effectively in double kayaks. You are able to work with your boat mate and help each other spot critters that you might not see on your own! I provide many awesome details and information on the Keys ecosystem and everyone is much better able to hear all the good information in doubles! Double kayaks are also beneficial to groups with mixed experience levels. We can pair less experiences paddlers with more experienced paddlers. On a windy day most guests are very glad to be in a double where you can use teamwork to get thru the windy portions of the trip!

Tour Pace and Timing-

AquaVentures Tours are generally at a relaxing pace. I really encourage guests to slow way down. Not only is this relaxing but it is also the best way to take in the scenery and spot all of the hidden details of this amazing ecosystem. I always say” the slower you go the more the ecosystem comes alive for you!” Why not allow yourself the time and space to slow down and savor the moment? You deserve it! Tour times may vary by about + or – 30 minutes depending on what we encounter, what the weather conditions are and the needs of group members.