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Welcome to the Official AquaVentures Blog!

I am super excited about getting this blog started! I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to share! but first I would like to introduce myself, Miranda Murphy, and my partner in crime, Steve Tomek. We are the owners & founders of AquaVentures Eco Tours LLC.



Steve has lived in Marathon for several years now and has been working as a Captain on The Pigeon Key Ferry, his favorite part of the job is interacting with passengers on the ferry ride from the Knights Key RV Resort & Marina to the historic island of Pigeon Key. He enjoys teaching customers about the rich history and ecology of the Florida Keys. Before living in The Keys Steve attended commercial dive school obtaining his commercial diving license along with a dive medic and dive instructor certifications.



Miranda- I moved to the Florida Keys after accepting a position on the island of Pigeon Key where I lived & worked for 8 months as an instructor and field guide for the Pigeon Key Marine Science Program. I led large school groups snorkeling around Sombrero and Looe Key Reef and kayaking in the Boot Key Mangroves several times a week. Before my immersion into the Florida Keys life, I graduated with a degree in geology from College of Charleston and got certified as a wilderness first responder and a yoga instructor.


I have always had a very special connection to nature, I enjoy seeing a persons eyes light up because I was able to help them make that connection. It is pretty awesome to get out there and see wildlife but nature takes on a whole new dimension when you have an understanding of what it is that you are looking at. I would like the general public to feel more connected and invested in nature. The message that I hope AquaVentures customers take home with them is that everything is intimately connected! Stay tuned for all things Florida Keys! dscn2037-300x225

Future Blog Themes:

  • A Day in the LIFE
    • chronicles of our favorite AquaVentures trips
  • Useful & medicinal native Flora & Fauna of the FL Keys
  • Florida Keys A-Z!
    • an alphabetical list of the highlights of the FL Keys
  • Don’t be Trashy!
    • marine debris commentary
  • Danger Zone
    • dangerous plants, animals & situations of the Keys
  • Species Watch
    • endangered and threatened FL Keys species spotlight
  • Strange World
    • spotlighting some of the more unique and eccentric Keys species
  • Keys less traveled
    • awesome places in the Keys you may have never heard of
  • Friends with benefits
    • highlighting interesting symbiotic relationships of the FL Keys
  • Pave Paradise, put up a parking lot
    • discussion of the not so eco conscious history of the development of the Keys and what we have learned since then