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Winter Welcome!

AquaVentures would like to welcome all of The Florida Keys winter visitors or “snowbirds”. After what seemed like an extremely hot summer, I am enjoying the cooling temperatures and everything that comes along with the “winter” season in The Florida Keys! There are many reasons to spend your winter in the Florida Keys, one of our favorite reasons is the manatees and other awesome critters you can find when all the wildlife up north has gone into hibernation!

Here are the AquaVentures top 3 Winter Highlights:

1) Manatees!!

Manatees flock to the Florida Keys and South Florida during the winter months in search of warmer water temperatures. These gentle but gigantic mammals are spotted on a daily basis on AquaVentures kayak tours! I can’t get enough of the adorable sea cows which is why they rank # 1 on my Florida Keys winter highlights list!

2) No Snow!

The closest thing you will find to snow here in the Florida Keys is the beautiful coral sand found in between the fingers of the coral reef! Just as beautiful as real snow minus the cold temperatures!!

3) Migratory Birds

Belted Kingfisher


Peregrine Falcon

Many different bird species migrate to the Florida Keys every year to take advantage of our mild winters. The ones pictured above are some of my favorites!

AquaVentures wishes you a very “Keysy” Christmas!