ebb and flow Florida Keys in February

Miranda’s Musings-

The process of recovering from Hurricane Irma has been a roller coaster, to say the least! Keep reading to get the scoop on the Florida Keys in February 2018!

I can happily say that my island home has returned to normal! Driving through Marathon, it has become difficult to discern any damages or debris from hurricane Irma. All of our awesome local beaches and restaurants are up and running! All ocean activities are a go! At AquaVentures we have been back in business since November 8th! I have been so thrilled to be back at it and experiencing all the amazing wildlife encounters that the Florida Key waterways have to offer!

The Florida Keys in February 2018

After a very busy holiday season, we got to enjoy a little bit of ebb time in January. Cold fronts and a fresh breeze had us scheduling strategically to try to find the best weather windows for our paddling adventures in early January. Luckily the temperatures are already warming up in the Florida Keys in February and that fresh breeze has calmed slightly.

Florida Keys Tides

On January 31st we experienced the super, full, blue moon. The super moon causes more extreme tidal fluctuations. I am still seeing effects from the super moon here in the first week of February. Low tides are a little lower and high tides a little higher, they are beginning to even back out a bit as we approach a third/last quarter moon. The extreme low tide is a great time to look for juvenile sharks and rays on the sea grass flats. Extreme high tides allow space on the flats for larger animals like the manatee and turtles. I love what both, high and, low tide bring and all the ebb and flow in between! I caught some cool pictures of the super moon rising in one direction and the sunset falling in the other(pictured above)! and the moon beams shining through my banana leaves(pictured below).

Florida Keys Weather

The temperature really couldn’t get much better than it is right now. We had a couple of short lived cold fronts in January. luckily, temperatures are already in the mid to upper 70’s in early February! Water temperatures are staying nice and refreshing at around 69 degrees F. Perfect paddling conditions! We have been enjoying mostly blue skies, Above and below are some pictures of what the mangroves and beaches are looking like in Marathon- February 2018. I’d say we are lookin’ good!

Florida Keys Wildlife

It has been absolutely amazing to witness this ecosystem recover! I was excited to see manatee, sharks, rays, turtles, dolphin, fish, and so much more on our first days back on the water after Irma! It seems to be business as usual for most of the Keys critters! Here are some photos captured on AquaVentures tours in February 2018! To get in some awesome wildlife sightings and learn more about the Florida Keys ecosystem- Contact us!

AquaVentures Green Tips

BYOC- Bring your own container! Refuse single use styrafoam and plastics! Keep a reusable tote and some tupperware containers in your vehicle. Next time you eat out use your tupperware and tote to put your leftovers in! You may feel like a weirdo at first but doing this has actually sparked some very positive conversations about single use containers!