Florida Keys Watersports

Florida Keys Watersports-AquaVentures Gear Upgrades!

Florida Keys watersports are one of the biggest draws to visiting the Keys. AquaVentures is thrilled to be one of the number 1 tour operaters thru out the Keys! We are always looking for ways to improve our guests’ experience. We understand how important comfort and safety are! At AquaVentures, we work hard to continually improve our gear and boats for your enjoyment!

Adjustable Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

The West Marine 200-230cm Adjustable Fiberglass Kayak Paddle features a special handle system that lets you know the paddle angle at all times to ensure you’re getting the best paddling efficiency. A fiberglass shaft is stronger and lighter than an aluminum shaft. An adjustable length makes it perfect for families. Drip rings are included to prevent water from running off the paddle and entering your kayak. 

Universal Paddle Life Jackets

Safety should always come first when participating in Florida Keys watersports! This West Marine life jacket was built to be comfortable and functional while kayaking or paddling. With a high-cut back to clear a kayak’s back support and large armholes that allow arms to rotate freely while paddling. This Universal paddle life jacket does not inhibit your movement. The V-neck design won’t crowd up against your chin while seated and the compact, low-profile design is light enough for all day wear. You will be securely fit in your life jacket with the 6 adjustable straps and heavy-duty zipper.

A mesh lower back design keeps you cool on hot days by allowing heat and perspiration to escape. Features include- neoprene padded shoulders for added comfort and an over-sized front pocket for conveniently storing gear.

Tribe 13.5 Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Perception’s Tribe 13.5 Tandem Kayak is fun in light surf. This kayak is also fast and maneuverable on flat water and lazy rivers as well. Plus, this tandem has a middle seat so you can also paddle it solo or bring along your small child. With a load capacity of 500 pounds (including paddlers, humans and gear). Built for the tracking and stability experienced kayakers’ expect. If this is your first kayak, you’ll find the learning curve to be quite short. Particularly if you’re paired with an experienced paddler. One of the advantages of a tandem kayak is being able to pair people with different experience levels.
With this sit-on-top kayak, you’ll have a better view of the water. It’s also easier to get out and back in if you feel the need to wade. Since you’ll be more open to the elements, expect to get wet.

Tribe 11.5 Solo Sit-On-Top Kayaks

With its 2 feet of added length (over their 9’5″ model), Perception’s Tribe 11.5 Solo Kayak gets a boost of speed and the extra storage to make it capable of even longer adventures! Fun in light surf, but fast and maneuverable on flat water and lazy rivers. Built for the tracking and stability experienced kayakers expect, this Tribe is the perfect size for larger paddlers. And if this is your first kayak, you’ll find the learning curve to be quite short. Weight capacity- 350 lbs.